What the eye does not see, the heart does not hurt. This sentence perfectly illustrates the relationship of most motorists to the miracle technology, which has been a mandatory part of all vehicles since the beginning of the new millennium. What is the purpose of the immobilizer and is its factory form a sufficient form of protection?

The first attempts to produce effective protection against car theft date back to 1919. Just this year, just ten years after the launch of the Ford T, two British designers created a device capable of effectively protecting a car from theft with a simple code. The coded device cut off the ignition of the vehicle from electricity and thus prevented the vehicle from starting even if the perpetrator had a mechanical key. The immobilizer works on this principle more or less to this day, and thanks to its mandatory installation, the number of thefts decreased by up to 40% by 2008.

Factory immobilizer was and still is the first wave of protection against vehicle theft. An opportunistic offender who is not equipped with the necessary tools usually cannot get around the original immobilizer of the vehicle and your car remains in place – although damaged by forced entry, but still yours.

However, the situation is completely different if the offender is a professional and is properly equipped to perform his “work”. The factory-installed immobilizer also works in thousands of vehicles, so it is not a problem for the perpetrator to study the system perfectly and then get around it in a few seconds.

It is this weak point of factory security that is solved by advanced Pandora systems, which always offer you a unique installation and state-of-the-art technologies. An advanced contactless immobilizer communicating via Bluetooth is part of every Pandora model and plays an irreplaceable role in the multi-element protection network of our systems.

The perfectly comfortable solution with a contactless authorization tag allows it to be placed outside the keys themselves, for example in a wallet, thus reducing the perpetrators’ chances to a minimum, even in the event of the original key being stolen. The Pandora system unblocks the start of the vehicle only when reading a code protected by AES 128 encryption, which is currently practically unbeatable.

View Pandora product specifications and enjoy a comfortable and safe unmanned system with an advanced immobilizer at a great price.