The flagship Pandora Professional comes to our market and with it the maximum dose of safety and comfort functions. If you missed something on previous Pandora models, be prepared to be perfectly satisfied this time.

Pandora, the manufacturer of the most modern security on the market, offering perfect protection against theft and unauthorized use of the vehicle, brings another novelty to our market. The new top model called Professional combines the most advanced software and hardware solutions in order to 100% protect your car against any threat. The system unit integrates the largest number of components and at the same time is not larger than your palm, which allows for perfectly discreet installation anywhere in the vehicle. The Professional model has a new two-way controller, which is complemented by a pair of authorization tags and a sophisticated mobile application. The system also includes a remotely controlled engine blocking module.

Thanks to the complex interweaving of individual systems, the Professional model is resistant to reading codes, signal interference, unit exchange or intrusion by brute force. The alarm unit itself has its own battery, integrated GPS receiver, a pair of SIM slots, Bluetooth modem and can be connected to up to three CAN BUS buses.

The system can be controlled in several modes, which you can also fully customize to your requirements. Will you use a new two-way controller with an OLED display communicating at a frequency of 856 mhz with AES-128 encryption, which is resistant to all portable readers and code jammers? Or do you prefer an unattended authorization tag with a “hands free” function or a comfortable mobile application? Pandora Professional offers a way to operate for any situation, even if the tag keys are lost or stolen.

In addition to the safety functions, it is of course possible to supplement the security with a remote start module for maximum comfort and a pleasant interior temperature in any season. Remote start allows you to activate the air conditioning or heating of your vehicle, regardless of the type of engine or transmission, and adjust the interior temperature before you leave the comfort of your home or office.

Are you interested in the Professional model and its functions? View its complete specification or request a quote tailored to your vehicle.